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Students for Global Health UCL is a student-led society, part of the larger Students for Global Health UK organisation. We strive to empower youth in the fight for health equity for all. We run a wide range of events, campaigns, workshops and initiatives aimed at giving students the opportunity to meet and engage with global health issues. From our upcoming Mentoring scheme - which connects student members to Global Health seniors - to our volunteering opportunities, there is something here for everyone!


Students for Global Health is a student network and registered charity tackling global and local health inequalities through education, advocacy and community action.
Our Vision: A fair and just world in which equity in health is a reality for all.


To create a network of students empowered to effect tangible social and political change in health on a local, national and global level through education, advocacy and community action. Find out more about our initiatives below.

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Gower St, Kings Cross, London WC1E 6BS

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