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World AIDS Day 2015: The Time to Act is Now!

Since being first identified in 1984, HIV/AIDs has claimed the lives of over 35 million people. Yet the pandemic is far from over. Currently, over 100,000 people are living with HIV in the UK and 2 million lives are lost each year as a result of AIDs across the globe. 

Every year since 1988, the 1st of December has marked World Aids Day. This day is celebrated not only to increase awareness of the disease, but also to honour those who have died from AIDs and to educate about AIDs prevention and control. The theme this year is ‘the time to act is now’ which couldn't be more pertinent in light of the ever pressing need to step up the pace in the fight against HIV to bring a halt to the staggering statistics! 

So how can YOU show your solidarity? Well, first things first - don a red ribbon! This has become the symbol recognised all over the world, as an emblem for AIDs awareness and support, worn to unite people in the fight against HIV! There are also a host of events going on at UCL not just on World AIDs day but also for the rest of the week… Positively Red Week! Events range from STI + HIV testing to talks and screenings of films such as Rent and Fire in the Blood. Basically, much fun is to come and to find out more get yourself linked up to the  UCL Positively Red Week Facebook page! Have a fab week, get involved and get HIV aware!

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