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Welcome to UCL Students for Global Health

What is the society about?

Welcome to UCL Students for Global Health, your local branch of Students for Global Health - the UK's largest network of students that campaign on global health and international development issues. Students for Global Health's vision is a “fair and just world in which equity in health is a reality for all”. We tackle a range of global and local inequalities through education, advocacy and community action. We have four established campaigns: Youth Stop Aids, Gender Equity, Healthy Planet and UAEM (Universities Allied for Essential Medicines). In addition we are starting three new campaigns: War Torn, You’re Somebody’s Type and Access to Healthcare. We believe that the students of today are critical to bringing about an equitable and healthy world of tomorrow. We are an open and inclusive group, welcoming members from all degree programs and levels of expertise.

What are our plans for this year?

This year’s goals are ones of inclusion and widened range. We hope to collaborate and create events with other London universities such as the Royal Veterinary College, King’s College London, Imperial College London and others. Through collaborating we want to create a wider network and a possibility for bigger events. We will also be organising events that highlight the interdisciplinary nature of global health because it is not just a doctor’s discipline. Another goal of ours this year is to have more regular committee meet-ups and socials to create a cohesive committee as well as interacting with our members so that they can have more of a say in the society.

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