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World Peace

Theme: How Climate Change Affects Human Health

Take Part in Our National Art Exhibition

This is our first UK nationwide art exhibition for students, campaigning for a healthier, happier planet. Climate Change is an insidious and pervasive threat from which no one is exempt, and there is increasing awareness that it is a health problem that wider systems, such as organisations and governments, need to partake in. Together, joined by a common cause that could affect generations, we hope to raise the voice of students in our fears, hopes and questions about climate change and its effects on human health. This is a way for you to express how you feel (as well as enter yourself to winning one of our prizes!). You do not have to be a seasoned artist, nor a expert in global health. This competition is to enable everyone to speak to the public through their artwork.

There are a number of ways to get introduced to the topic of climate change and human health, such as our Inspiration Art Workshops or our Information Pack, which has an introduction on how to link these ideas together and provides information and resources about global health and how to inspire your ideas if you are unfamiliar with them. For more details, see the sections below.

Please note that the theme is not climate art, but climate chnage and human health. However, your submission smay be abstract. We are not looking for experts, this is a student-friendly art exhibition. This exhibition is in conjunction with the UCL Art Society (The link to their website can be found below). Stay updated about the art exhibition venue and events through our Instagram Page (@sfghucl). If you have an queries, do not hesitate to get in touch with us!


Prizes will be awarded to the best three artwork submitted. Prizes will be judged on their theme, message and visual or auditory expertise.

  1. First Prize = To Be Confirmed

  2. Second Prize = An Art Kit

  3. Third Prize = £30 Sponsorship of An Endangered Animal via World Wide Fund (WWF)


Inspiration and Information Workshop Held For You

Art Workshop

Two workshop evenings will be held so far (dependent on popularity). In these evenings we will briefly cover some global health topics for those participants who are unfamiliar with it. The latter half of the evening will provide some guidance on how to go about thinking your artwork and a chance to speak to our colleagues from the UCL Art Society, who have held art exhibitions for many years.

Dates (sign up via the links below)

  • Workshop 1: 4th of February 2021, 6-7pm

  • Workshop 2: 9th of March 2021, 6-7pm

Information Pack

Find Our Planetary Health Information and Inspiration Pack in the Link Below!

An Information Pack of Global Health has been collated by the 2020-21 Healthy Planet Subcommittee. This resource contains a brief introduction of potential sub-topics of global health that you may wish to explore when configuiring your idea, alongside relevant links to artists and websites pertaining to them. This includes subjects such as how eco-anxiety affects mental health and our sense of hopelessness, and the increasing incidence of cardio-pulmonary conditions due to pollution, the ozone or wildfires. It also contains information about potential adaptation and mitigation strategies.

Submission Details

Everything You Need To Know to Send Us Your Masterpiece

The exhibition this year will be online due to the current pandemic. Due to this, your artwork cannot be sent directly to us by post or in person. Your artwork will have to be photographed and sent to us via email:

Please note that no rude or offensive work will be exhibited.

All submissions are FREE. All UK university students are eligible to participate.



Which Media Is Acceptable?

Any medium will be accepted as long as it is a format that can be exhibited online. This can include traditional art media (oils, ink, acrylic paints, watercolour, charcoal, pencil). Audio files can be submitted, such as for musical compositions. Short poems can be submitted artistically (e.g. using newspaper, book pages, or present words into objects). Animations or short films too can be submitted. Digital artwork is also eligible.

Art Supplies
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