How has COVID19 affected access to antenatal care services in the UK, China and Nigeria?

By UCL SfGH Gender Campaign Team 

(Meryam Benaichouche, Raian Jaibaji, Anjana Lakshmi Narasimhan, Hira Syed, Vaneesha Mehta, Jameela Nagri Lena Sikorska, and Francesca McLaren) 


The outbreak of  COVID- 19 was declared a pandemic by The World Health Organization on the 11th March 2020 after being first identified in China in December 2019(1). This pandemic has changed healthcare infrastructure globally, particularly with regards to access to maternal healthcare. To understand the global effect of COVID - 19 on aspects of maternal care, specifically, antenatal care, access to antenatal care pre and post COVID-19 in Nigeria, UK and China have been described. Globally, there is a demand for a daily maternal healthcare system designed to withstand future emergencies like this pandemic. It is vital that all aspects of maternal healthcare are ascertained and kept as high priority.


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