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Campaign Lead Applications 2021/2022

Feel free to find out more about each campaign below

Gender Equity

The Gender Equity Lead is responsible for running events themed around gender inequality in health. The lead runs campaigns both online and in-person which raise awareness on gender-inequality in access to healthcare. Key to a successful campaign is a diverse set of ideas on what gender equity in health means. Reproductive and Maternal Health, Trans-Health, Women and Men’s health, their intersections with mental health etc. are all spaces explored throughout this campaign. Leads must possess an open mind and capacity for critical thought.

Healthy Planet

Climate change and health are intrinsically linked. With the rise of novel zoonotic diseases like COVID-19, tackling the intersections between environmental health and human health is of critical importance. The Healthy Planet Lead, guides projects themed around environmental health, particularly those addressing human driven climate change and its consequences. They are responsible for hosting speaker events, talks, campaigns and any other creative means of raising awareness. This year, the team used art (through a collaboration with Art Society) to raise awareness on environmental health.

Universities Allied for Essential Medicines (UAEM)

Universities Allied for Essential Medicines is a student organisation committed to improving the access and affordability of medicines around the world. UAEM also aims to increase the research and development of drugs for neglected tropical diseases. UAEM branches have historically campaigned at the university level to increase both transparency of research and the existence of socially responsible research licensing policies on campus. UAEM has been a pivotal organisation in campaigning for the inclusion of access clauses to the contracts of recent COVID vaccines developed at public research institutions. See this link for more information on the work of our friends at UAEM. Induction and leadership training will be provided.  

Campaign leads will be responsible for the organisation and execution of events, campaigns and local activism (the campaign’s specific direction is left to the jurisdiction of leads and their teams). The goal is to promote both public ownership of and access to vaccines and life saving medical technologies. UAEM campaigns often centre the importance of the university in facilitating access through licensing policies. Campaign leads will be able to coordinate with the national UAEM student network for opportunities, projects and collaborations.  

Youth Stop AIDS

Youth Stop AIDS is a student network and charity  committed to ending AIDS by 2030. Students speak out, take creative action and engage those in power to ensure governments, global institutions and corporations are committed legitimately -through international policy, funding of health infrastructure, global access to AIDS drugs and medical technologies – to ending AIDS by 2030.  

Campaign leads will be responsible for the organisation and execution of events, campaigns and local activism (the campaign’s specific direction is left to the jurisdiction of leads and their teams). The goal is promote knowledge of AIDS on campus co-ordinating with the main UK based StopAIDS charity to run events, campaigns and host speakers.  

War Torn

The War Torn Campaign  Lead is responsible for addressing the intersections between war and conflict and health. Campaigns in the past have focused on global health surgery, humanitarian work (both its technical nature and the harm it can cause), access to healthcare and refugee health. Campaign leads should aim to discuss both physical and mental health whilst sensitively addressing the political contexts and realities of war and health. War Torn Campaign Leads will often deal with issues of justice and political history. Leads are welcome to explore personal areas of interest but are expected to deal with both contemporaneous and historical events.

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